Aug, 09, 2017 00:00 16:11:00 (GMT) - Seven months ago
by Lisa Kinsella | News

Why don't VC's back female sextech entrepreneurs.

This is hard. "If it were easy everyone would be doing it." Founder of Luwi tells of the struggle as a female entrepreneur looking to raise funds from Angels & VC's.

This is hard. "If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” You've heard these words growing up, yes? I know I have and these days am repeating them to myself, often. Raising funds to scale a startup in the women's health space is hard.

It seems as though everyone wants to invest in tech. How many times have we heard from Angels and VC’s that “...women’s health is too far afield from our focus”. Any suggestions? we ask. The responses vary, one I love is “push the boundaries of what you can do without funds”. Ok, check! We have accomplished incredible things, made phenomenal progress, and have repeat orders, all without funds. After all, I am a tenacious and resourceful woman with a back story perfect for leading this startup.

Women’s healthcare market is more than $30Bn. The demand for treatments has reached new highs and government spending has been cut. In addition, the largest segment of preventative care available today is hormonal which causes additional health issues in 62% of the women who take them. Did you know that the average woman spends five years having children and an average of 30 years trying NOT to?  And this is just HALF of what we are all about. We have found white space.

Some days are tough and the frustration levels hit a new high. And then as if on queue, an outpouring of support arrives. Ahhh the life of an entrepreneur! Having others from so many countries learn about our mission and take the time to reach out to us to share how great Luwi is and how it has helped their lives, WOW, ineffable. Keep it coming folks! We like it. We would love it if this support also came in the form of euros, dollars, pounds, or fractions of bitcoin though.  Until then we are trying our hand at crowdfunding.

At some point the lauding and the advice and the introductions will lead to funds. We know we are providing the best thing since sliced bread for women’s health and well being. Yes, this is hard. If it were easy everyone would be doing it.  We have begun to ignite a movement in sexual health for modern women. We won’t stop until we get where we want to be... in the meantime, send bitcoin!

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