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on August, 17, 17, 16:11 (GMT)

Site reviewed by HonestPornReviews.com

A very satisfactory review received, best in our field, with these separate ratings: Overall Score 9.2 / 10 Content Quality 9.7 / 10 Content Quantity 9.5 / 10 Exclusive Content 5.0 / 05 Download Speed 4.1 / 05 Navigation 8.6 / 10 Price / Value 9.1 / 10 Their conclusion "I know you all are used to me being a curmudgeonly reviewer, but I ...

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on June, 08, 17, 12:17 (GMT)

Major backer joins NHLP.

As part of the interest, we have gained from announcing our new site plans here on AXF we are pleased that a major investor has joined us and taken a stake in the company. This has allowed us to finish off the site and get it live. We continue this push forward and are looking to hit our final target. Support us to get to this next stage and ...

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on June, 08, 17, 12:11 (GMT)

Site live & reviews.

We are pleased to announce that our site NHLPCentral.com is now live. This has been a major project for us and it has been great to get feedback such as "The streaming and downloading feature works fine and everything I've checked so far is perfect". We continue to crowdfund so we can continue with the expansion of the site with new models from ...

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on April, 02, 17, 18:10 (GMT)

Pitch on hold.

We have placed our pitch on hold as we are close to launching the site and want to wait till it is ready so everyone that pledges will not have to wait too long to get great access to the hottest ladies in nylons heels and more.

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on February, 08, 17, 12:15 (GMT)

All new super attractive pledge rewards installed!

We have re-aligned some rewards and added new ones, so have a look and grab a slice of the NHLPcental action!

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