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InCrowd Capital

InCrowd Capital owns and operate this crowdfunding platform adultXfunding are holding a second round of investment to grow the platform and switch on the equity crowdfunding option. The site is established and has been ... More

10.0% funded of £160,000 target

Adult Industry Talk

Adult Industry Talk is a promotion platform, social/business network and talk show for the global adult industry. Our aim is to offer adult industry professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners a cost-effective platform to ... More

St. James
0.0% funded of £25,000 target


Hey girls! If you took some pleasure by reading 50 Shades of Grey, we have exactly what you need! Be one of the first to discover the good vibrations of our Little Bird, the world’s first smart vibrator driven by erotic ... More

Brest - FRANCE
1.3% funded of £50,000 target

SLL Films

UK Student House has been one of the most successful adult series ever produced in the UK.  Loved by fans who enjoyed it on both DVD and Cable TV this acclaimed series is set for a return. Launched in 2003, over 6 ... More

15.6% funded of £7,000 target


You've heard of LUWI (loowee) right? Wait, you haven't?! OMG, it's amazing. LUWI (Let Us Wear It) is new and its made for women. We call it a pleasurable protector. It's not a condom, it's better, its ... More

Windsor and Maidenhead (B)
22.2% funded of £5,000 target


PS Media brings you Pornsensuality, an ethical Adult website that offers super sexy video content photo sets as well as a party webcam. Nothing is imposed or invented, everything is natural for your enjoyment, real women, ... More

Saint Etienne
45.6% funded of £9,350 target
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